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20 September 2020


Take this quiz to check your knowledge of music and musicians 



3. 6

4. trio

5. pa   





Complete the following statements by selecting the most appropriate options given below.

1.soothing music

2: Endorphin 

3 : concentration

4 : rejuvenate

5. List the benefits of music mentioned in the passage.

i.Listening to soothing music relaxes people both mentally and physically

ii.Music relieves us from the sense of pain

iii.Music normalises heart rate and blood pressure and decreases fatigue and boredom

iv.Music reduces stress

v.Listening to soft music helps us improve our concentration and boost our memory.

vi.Listening to music helps us in overcoming negative traits thereby improves our personality

vii.Music is a therapy for everyone. 



1. True or False

a : False

b: True

c : False

d : False 

e True

2.Beethoven could listen to and play music for his first thirty years of life. As a result , he understood sounds of musical instruments and the pitch of the singing voices . He also knew the harmony  between music and singing before he became completely deaf. This helped him compose music despite his loss of hearing.

3. Beethoven's realisation that he could not hear the high notes of the piano and  his own composition made him continue his passion for music with more determination.

4. genius



1.Complete the summary of the poem given below with a suitable word /phrase in each blank.

a) reaps 

b) valley

c) stop there

d) welcome

e) travellers

f) spring time

g) breaks 

h) make out / comprehend

i) battles

j) natural sorrows ,pain or loss

k) theme

l) bear

Text - 1 

a) relieves - to free from anxiety, fear, pain etc.

b) endorphins - substances produced by the brain that have painkilling and tranquilising effects on body

c)exhaustion - tiredness

d) rejuvenate - to restore to a former state ; make fresh or new again

e) vitality - power to live or grow

TEXT - 2 

a) prodigy - a person , especially a child or young person , having extraordinary talent or ability

b) persistent - constantly repeated

c) virtuoso - a person who excels in musical technique or execution

d) deterioration - to make or become worse or inferior in character, quality , value...etc. 

e) sawed - to cut or divide

 f) obstacle - something that obstructs or hinders progress.

Text - 3 

a ) behold - look , see

b) yon - that 

c) lass - girl

d) melacholy - causing sadness

e) vale - valley 

f) strain - melody

g) weary - tired 

h) plaintive - expressing sorrow

i) mounted - climbed 


1. piano 

2. sitar

3. xylophone

4. tabla

5. shehnai

6. sarod 

7. flute

8. pungi

9. drum

10. veena

11. dholak

B.Write the instrument played by the following musicians .

a) xylophone

b) tabla

c) flute

d) veena

e) shehnai

f) sarod


A . Fill in the blanks with appropriate comparative adjective .

a) louder 

b) higher than any other

c) the coldest ( Superlative form of adjective )

d)  is more reliable than any other police

e) more serious

f) better

g) more peaceful 

h)  more important than any other 

b Fill in the blanks with appropriate superlative degree "most"/"est"

a) most croweded 

b) the coldest 

c) the most interesting 

d) the cheapest 

e) the oldest/eldest

f) the most melodious

2. Join two sets of sentences using to - verb .

1. He offered to help her.

2. She arranged a visit to the Old Age Home in the evening.

3. Shivani refused to eat anything.

4. Don't forget to post the letter .

5. She agreed to participate in the music concert .


a) written on the

b) of an Anglican

c) young and free

d) dreamed of changing

e) discovered the world

f) decided to change

g) grew into my

h) settled for changing

i) lay on my

j)then by an

k) able to better




BIO-SKETCH      OF      A. R .  RAHMAN

A.R Rahman, renowned Indian composer , singer, song writer , producer , musician and philanthropist was born in Chennai on 6 January 1967 to his proud parents  R K Shekhar and Kareema Beegum. His father died when A R Rahman was  nine years old and young Rahman had to shoulder the responsibilities of the family. Poor financial condition of his family affected his early education. He had to play musical instruments at an early age to earn a living and support his family. His professional experience helped him reach  Trinity Collage and Oxford from where he  earned his  graduation in western classical music .
He is married to Saira Banu and have three children. He is known for integrating Indian classical music with electronic music , world music and traditional orchestral arrangements . He worked for all major film industries like Kollywood , Bollywood and Hollywood. He is the recipient of coveted awards like Padmashri and Padma Vibhushan . He reached the pinnacle of glory when he was  conferred with two Oscars and a Golden Globe ward. He is a notable humanitarian and philanthropist who donates and raises fund for various causes and charities. A R Rahman's prolific musical compositions earned him the title " the Mozart of Madras ".


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15 September 2020



Write a diary entry as Wanda describing your feelings clearly .



3 April , 1944                               11.00 pm

Dear Diary,
             I am extremely delighted to know that I have been selected the winner of Drawing competition held in my school . Since the beginning of my schooling, my friends have been teasing and bullying me because of my strange name and the remote place where I come from. The most disheartening question was “ Wanda….How many dresses do you have ?” People always have prejudices against others on the basis of social , economic ,racial and ethnic differences . 


They were of the view that a student who has a strange name and who comes from slum area will not be blessed with any natural endowments. Poor and slum dwellers are always treated inferior to rich city dwellers. I was bit hurt when they laughed at me but at the same time I was focused on my abilities. I was sharpening my potentials. The drawing competition was a great opportunity to prove that appearances are deceptive. I used all my skills and potentials to draw pictures of hundred dresses , each different in pattern and colour combination. Finally , the students who once humiliated me are filled with remorse and I earned their respect. Though my friends behaved rudely towards me , I don’t want to take revenge on them. I always love my friends every much.




1. Harriet had fought against slavery, helped her family and members of her community to free themselves from the clutches of the perpetrators of their suffering.

2. The title of the first book written on Harriet Tubman was ‘Harriet Tubman, The Moses of Her People’.It was written by Frederick Douglass.

3.Harriet's life had been hard, but dedicated to a cause . She had laboured in a private way and wrought in the night to free her community.
4. Frederick draws a comparison between Harriet's and his life saying that he has had the applause of the crowd and the satisfaction that comes of being approved by the multitude, while the most you have done witnessed by few trembling, scared, and footsore bondmen and women, whom you have led out of the house of bondage, and whose heartfelt God bless you has been your only reward.

5. (c) Harriet revolted as a slave and ran away from her master’s house and Frederick gave her shelter.
   (d) Frederick hid other slaves in his house whom Harriet had inspired to run away.

6. (d) Bondaged men and women had wounded and tired feet because they ran for days together to safe places from the house of their masters.


Stephan Hawking , the TV Star 

1. Stephen Hawking , the famed physicist, cosmologist and writer was born exactly three hundred years after the death of Galilio.

2. Albert Einstein

3. (c) Albert Einstein was the rival of Galileo and Stephen Hawking.

4. (c) ridiculous

5. Professor Hawking was said to be incredibly proficient at the art of the comedic pause because he mastered the tough art of timing comedy.
6. Stephen Hawking sang his all-time favourite  comedy legends Monty Python’s Galaxy Song.

7.Stephen Hawking’s singing of the song was described as an ‘unbelievable treat’ because he corrected the technicalities in the song’s words and numbers as he went along. It is an unbelievable treat, and these lyrics sound suitably profound when coming from the smartest human in the universe.

8.The author had shared a laugh with the genius Stephen Hawking  and got to be in the same orbit as him.

9.He believed in his saying that “Life would be tragic if it wasn’t funny”. He clearly enjoyed
not only observing the humour in the world, but also pointing it out

10.(c) He was unassuming and loved humour.

1. Match the words in list A with their meanings in list B.

a) Physicist - 
One who specialises in the branch of science which deals with the nature and  properties of matter and energy such as heat, light, etc.

b) Cosmologist - A scientist who studies the origin and nature of the universe

c) Proficient- Someone proficient and skilled in doing something

d) Genuine - One who is sincere, honest and truthful

2. Find one word substitutions for the following expressions

a) perpetrator

b) discrimination

c) multitude

d) bondage

e) confess

f) assure

3. Following are some expressions that reflect appreciation.

(a) Burst into applause

b) Stamp on the floor

c) Whopping

d) nailed it 

e) cracked it

f) steal the show 

g) great job

h) knock (one) off (one's) feet


comforting - comfort 

massively -  massive 

believable - believe

suitably - suitable

irrelevant - irrelevantly

likely -  likely

faces a  unique

dumped into the

body of ecological

can still  make

she will surely

you how the

you are at

in,  from hosting

- to be continued

19 August 2020


 UNIT -4

1. It is very simple to be happy , but it is very difficult to be simple - Rabindranath Tagore

2. Weakness of attitude becomes the weakness of character - Albert Einstein

3. “The best and the most beautiful things
in the world cannot be seen or even
touched – they must be felt with the heart.” - 
Helen Keller

4. “One individual may die for an idea, 
but that idea will, after his death, incarnate 
itself in a thousand lives.”- 

 Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

 1.What is responsible for the present degradation of
individual development?
Ans : The development of industry and machinery is responsible for the present degradation of individual development
2.What is the meaning of development in relation to
Ans :The development of machinery means that less and less work is needed from the individual for the satisfaction of the community’s needs.
3. What is the ‘planned division of labour’? How will it be
helpful in human development?

A planned division of labour among humans and machine is becoming more and more of a crying necessity and this division will lead to the material security of the individual.
4. What does the phrase ‘symptoms of decadence’ mean
in the opening line?

Ans : The phrase ‘symptoms of decadence’ 
in the opening line means diagnosis of degradation

5. The phrase ‘crying necessity’ in the opening paragraph
Ans :The phrase ‘crying necessity’ in the opening paragraph
means urgent need

6. Circle the odd one out
(a) presence, (distance), existence, being, alive
(b) possible, feasible, probable, (unthinkable), obtainable
(c) violence, assault, roughness, (passivity), fierceness
(d) conflict, contest, contention, rivalry, (accord)
(e) consolation, compassion, (annoyance), sympathy,



When Einstein wrote to Gandhi

1. Albert Einstein admired M. K. Gandhi because:
Ans : Gandhi showed that it is possible to succeed without violence with all irrespective of whether they have continued or discarded the method of violence.

2.Where did Gandhi wish to meet Einstein?
Ans :his Ashram in India

3.Why does Einstein want Gandhi’s example to go beyond
Einstein wants Gandhiji's example to go beyond India because it will help to establish an international authority , respected by all, that will take decisions and replace war conflicts.
4.You have read the chapter and the exchange of letters
between A. Einstein and M. K. Gandhi. What similarities
do you find in the ideas of both the personalities?

Ans :Both of them were staunch supporters of nonviolence and peace and rejected war and violence firmly.

5.Find the opposites of the words given below from Einstein’s letter.

a) impossible x possible
b) fail x succeed 
c) peace x war 
d) absence x presence
e) enemy x friend

6.In the context of Gandhi’s response to Einstein’s letter,
‘finds favour in your sight’ means:

Ans : satisfied you 




1.Which lines in the poem tell us to have self control, a clear head and not to become bitter when people speak against us? Stanza 1

Ans : "If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;"

2.One must be just as graceful in losing as he is in winning.What are the two words in the poem that can replace the underlined ones? Stanza 2
Ans :
losing - disaster 
winning - triumph

3. In the third stanza what does the poet mean by ‘And lose, and start again’?

Ans : We may lose all our processions and dreams crushed but without any complaints we have to stay calm and rebuild from the beginning.

4.There is a necessity to treat all people equal and amidst people we should not lose our self ‘who we are’? How has the poet expressed this in the fourth stanza?

Ans :On the one hand we should mingle with every class of the society regardless of their status on the other hand we should not lose our virtues , moral values , personality and identity.
5.List two things from each stanza that we can do to make the Earth ours, as given in the poem.

Stanza - I
i) Control our emotions
ii) Forgive those who try to harm us 

Stanza - II
i)  Dream but don't make dreams your master.
ii) If  your dreams are crushed start working from the beginning.

Stanza - III
i)  Never give up
ii) Use your inner strength and hold on 

Stanza - IV
i)  Use every minute of every day

ii) Communicate with everyone

(a) A word used disapprovingly to talk about a person who is unusual and doesn’t behave like others. _____________________________(paragraph 1)

Ans : freak

(b)Taking part in an activity for pleasure, not as a  job .  ____________________________ (paragraph 3)

Ans : amateur
(c) Respecting and allowing many different types of beliefs or behaviour.  _________________(paragraph 5)

Ans : liberal
(d) A person who is lacking in or hostile or smugly indifferent to cultural values, intellectual pursuits, etc. ________________________________(paragraph 7)

Ans : philistines 

(e) Relating to work that needs special training or education. __________________________(paragraph 8)

Ans : expert

Thank you for your support !


10 July 2020


Motion : Young Politicians offer the best hope for India’s Political Future 

 Speech For The Motion

As Sachin Pilot, a young Parliamentarian of India said, Young Politicians understand the mindset of the people.  Young Indians are looking for a better life style and that is much more fulfilling, and a job that is more satisfying, so my generation of Politicians will be just more on the economic opportunity we can give.  
Respected Panel of Judges  , Chairperson, Worthy Opponents, and  my dear friends.   Good morning  to one and all.  
I am standing here to speak for the motion; “Young Politicians offer the best hope for India’s Political Future.”  Youth is synonymous with energy , enthusiasm  and thrive. They are ambitious and    seek change at a rapid pace.    They view everything from a critical point of view.  What India needs today is a team of politicians young and energetic, the go getters. 
The Western countries not only realize the need of young politicians to guide the destiny  of their  nation but also they elected men like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and  Barrack Obama to lead their country and keep  them  in the  vanguard   of nations.   Unfortunately   the political scene  in India  continues to be dominated by the aged  politicians  who tenaciously hold on to their position unwilling to yield to their younger generation,  who are more tech- savvy ,more motivated by the desire to serve the public without enriching  themselves. 
   If the youth brigade takes charge of India’s political field they would disseminate a better culture and new perspectives. The young leader would be men who practice what they preach. How can old politicians talk on taking country on a fast track when they themselves are snail-paced? More than six decades of predominance of old, they did not bring the desired level of development in the country, so it is the time for the youth, to take charge of Indian Politics, so that India will have a better political future, and it can take its seat among he assembly of developed nations.
What a strange paradox it is, when the government employees are asked to retire at the age of 58 or 60, while the politicians in India still do not have a retirement date, except the day of their death. We all know Alexander the great was just thirty three years old when he was acknowledged as the world conqueror. Akbar was just thirteen years when the Mugal crown passed onto his head. So let’s give our young budding talents a chance in Indian politics and I am sure that they prove themselves worth.
Thank You


Motion : Young Politicians offer the best hope for India’s Political Future.
Speech Against The Motion
Honourable Chairperson , Guests and My Dear Opponents, a pleasant good morning to one and all. 
My honourable opponents’ arguments are sound, sound and nothing but sound. 
I strongly disagree with the motion that Young Politicians offer the best hope for India’s Political Future. A pride of lion is always lead by a male lion. He holds his way over with pride until a young lion challenges his authority and defeat him in a fight. 
India continues to be led by old leaders because no capable young leaders have emerged to challenge the authority of the old. In 1991 when PV Narasimha Rao became the prime minister of India, he chose Dr Manmohan Singh to be the finance minister with a vision to boost the economy. He was 60 then. He continued to lead India until he was 82 years old. No young leaders were there on those days.  Why are the old people still preferred by the electorate in India to lead them? It’s because, with the age, one becomes wiser. No one is a born leader; leader is made by crucial life experiences. Such experiences are more important, than the new ideas learned in a classroom. 
India is a country with tremendous diversity. No young politicians can completely grasp the complicated web of diversity. That’s why no young politicians occupy the position of power in India. Now the people of India selected 63 years old Narendrea Modi the prime minister of India, because of the experience and wisdom he gained over a period of 60 years. 
The great philosopher Aristotle was not wrong when he stated the theory of ideal state that, politicians should be above 50 years. Let’s never argue Young politicians offer best hope for India’s political future. Placing the destiny of the nation in the hands of inexperienced and young leaders alone, would be an invitation to disaster. People of India realized this and continued to entrust the leadership of seasoned politicians.
Thank you 

9 July 2020


Debate Speech on "Media thrives only on Sensationalism"
“The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”   Honorable chairperson, distinguished adjudicators, fellow debaters and all my dear friends … Good morning! I strongly favour the motion“Media thrives only on Sensationalism”
Gone are the days when the Media would battle for communal harmony and democratic establishment in the societies across the border.  Media was quite popular and valued in the past as it would speak for least spoken and voice their concerns to the populace for smooth and democratic governance in the society.
Now, What is sensationalism in the media world?  It is a type of editorial bias in mass media to make news deliberately obtuse, appeal to emotions, and more controversial.  It also includes intentionally omitting facts and information.  It is somewhat similar to emotional branding or in other words it is the adding of hype or excitement over and interesting or shocking even
As a matter of fact, exponential growth in the number of channels and newspapers eventually invited deadly competition amongst the media houses.  The presumed goal of the media both print and digital houses today is to sustain the circulation and viewership, respectively, and provide the audiences with sensational stories that help them increase their advertising revenue.  To retain this figure and revenue, reporters are always on lookout for the spicy ‘junk food news’ that is easily sold in a massive number.  And that is exactly when Sensationalism took its birth.  It attracts the viewers in a large number and so is the revenue.
For example: In today’s time when media has an omnipotent presence, it’s imperative to encourage responsible and informed news that can guide the mass to the picture of an ideal society.
People are in constant need of adrenaline rush but are too afraid to jump off the cliff.  Hardly any news is objectified in the media today.  A small hint of a lead somewhere leads to breaking news!  And that breaking news is followed up by paid opinion polls, paid debates and paid news flashes.  Half-baked news that almost never see complete research or are manipulated to show an intention due to shortage of time.  
For instance ,What we see as ‘debates’ on national televisions is just reinforcement of their preconceived ideas.  They don’t force  the plebeian to think, rather feeds them with biased opinions, and almost never show both sides of the coin.
Again, our perennial instinct of poking our nose into others’ businesses has resulted in the categorization of the media into a formal media and the tabloid Media, that is solely devoted to sensationalizing news and pointing out what’s wrong with someone’s lives and how they should be rectifying it.
Now the question is which one of the pillars of the democracy in India is more corrupt legislature, bureaucracy, judiciary or the self-proclaimed fourth pillar, The media.  With its sensationalism  the media is jeopardizing its role as the fourth estate


        I respect very much the role of the media in our society; I think they can be very, very helpful. They serve as a very useful check, sort of a watchdog over the actions of the government, and I respect that.
  Alberto Gonzales observation is right. Honorable chairperson, distinguished adjudicators, fellow debaters and all my dear friends … Good morning! I strongly oppose the motion “Media thrives only on Sensationalism”
 In the world of today, media has become as necessary as food and clothing. It has played significant role in strengthening the society. Media is considered as "mirror" of the modern society, infact,it is the media which shapes our lives.

The purpose of the media is to inform people about current ,new affairs . 
The media is governed by righteousness and equity ,Media is in charge of :
1 information
2 education
3 entertainment
4 advertising
5 correlation of parts of society

     Society is influenced by media in so many ways. It is the media for the masses that helps them to get information about a lot of things and also to form opinions and make judgments regarding various issues! It is the media which keeps the people updated and informed about what is happening around them and the world. Everyone can draw something from it.

    No doubt, media has played significant role in making world a global village and to reduce the communication gaps amongst the people living in the far areas but unfortunately. 
Many scams were brought to public notice through media intervention, political parties are forced to take action against corrupt politician for the damage control. When a matter is overhyped it gets engraved in the mind of public and decision making gets easier. Media intervention exposes the antisocial elements such as moral policing , polarization of communities , scandals ..etc ..etc ..etc..
    I believe, the media identifies its responsibility and work sincerely and honestly, and  serves as a great force in building the nation