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10 July 2020


Motion : Young Politicians offer the best hope for India’s Political Future 

 Speech For The Motion

As Sachin Pilot, a young Parliamentarian of India said, Young Politicians understand the mindset of the people.  Young Indians are looking for a better life style and that is much more fulfilling, and a job that is more satisfying, so my generation of Politicians will be just more on the economic opportunity we can give.  
Respected Panel of Judges  , Chairperson, Worthy Opponents, and  my dear friends.   Good morning  to one and all.  
I am standing here to speak for the motion; “Young Politicians offer the best hope for India’s Political Future.”  Youth is synonymous with energy , enthusiasm  and thrive. They are ambitious and    seek change at a rapid pace.    They view everything from a critical point of view.  What India needs today is a team of politicians young and energetic, the go getters. 
The Western countries not only realize the need of young politicians to guide the destiny  of their  nation but also they elected men like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and  Barrack Obama to lead their country and keep  them  in the  vanguard   of nations.   Unfortunately   the political scene  in India  continues to be dominated by the aged  politicians  who tenaciously hold on to their position unwilling to yield to their younger generation,  who are more tech- savvy ,more motivated by the desire to serve the public without enriching  themselves. 
   If the youth brigade takes charge of India’s political field they would disseminate a better culture and new perspectives. The young leader would be men who practice what they preach. How can old politicians talk on taking country on a fast track when they themselves are snail-paced? More than six decades of predominance of old, they did not bring the desired level of development in the country, so it is the time for the youth, to take charge of Indian Politics, so that India will have a better political future, and it can take its seat among he assembly of developed nations.
What a strange paradox it is, when the government employees are asked to retire at the age of 58 or 60, while the politicians in India still do not have a retirement date, except the day of their death. We all know Alexander the great was just thirty three years old when he was acknowledged as the world conqueror. Akbar was just thirteen years when the Mugal crown passed onto his head. So let’s give our young budding talents a chance in Indian politics and I am sure that they prove themselves worth.
Thank You

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