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10 July 2020


Motion : Young Politicians offer the best hope for India’s Political Future.
Speech Against The Motion
Honourable Chairperson , Guests and My Dear Opponents, a pleasant good morning to one and all. 
My honourable opponents’ arguments are sound, sound and nothing but sound. 
I strongly disagree with the motion that Young Politicians offer the best hope for India’s Political Future. A pride of lion is always lead by a male lion. He holds his way over with pride until a young lion challenges his authority and defeat him in a fight. 
India continues to be led by old leaders because no capable young leaders have emerged to challenge the authority of the old. In 1991 when PV Narasimha Rao became the prime minister of India, he chose Dr Manmohan Singh to be the finance minister with a vision to boost the economy. He was 60 then. He continued to lead India until he was 82 years old. No young leaders were there on those days.  Why are the old people still preferred by the electorate in India to lead them? It’s because, with the age, one becomes wiser. No one is a born leader; leader is made by crucial life experiences. Such experiences are more important, than the new ideas learned in a classroom. 
India is a country with tremendous diversity. No young politicians can completely grasp the complicated web of diversity. That’s why no young politicians occupy the position of power in India. Now the people of India selected 63 years old Narendrea Modi the prime minister of India, because of the experience and wisdom he gained over a period of 60 years. 
The great philosopher Aristotle was not wrong when he stated the theory of ideal state that, politicians should be above 50 years. Let’s never argue Young politicians offer best hope for India’s political future. Placing the destiny of the nation in the hands of inexperienced and young leaders alone, would be an invitation to disaster. People of India realized this and continued to entrust the leadership of seasoned politicians.
Thank you 

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