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3 July 2020


From the Diary of Anne Frank

Infer the meanings of the following expressions. The first has been done for you as an example.

(a) to feel the breath of war: there were indications
that war was going to start soon

(b) appalling hunger and cold: terrible hunger due to shortage of food and biting cold due to inclement weather

(c) start of the siege:a military operation in which an army tries to capture a town by surrounding it and stopping the supply of food, etc. to the people inside

(d)blockade grams:the action of surrounding or closing a place, especially a port, in order to stop people or goods from coming in or out.

  •         air raids
  •         artillery bombardment
  •         bomb shelters
  •         artillery fire
  •         siege
a) The captives as stated in the above passage are the citizens of Leningrad’s

b). Leningraders welcomed inclement weather for the reduced visibility it brought.

c) They were afraid that Germans would be sure to bomb their city on sunny days and moonlit nights.

d) People have lost all their hopes

(d) The possibility of buying the food without a ration card as in the past, was no more than a memory now.


a) it

b) oneself

c) who

d) yours

e) damage

f) concerned about

1. Refer to the lesson ‘From the diary of Anne Frank’ in your
Class X textbook. There are some idiomatic expressions in

the text.

i ) all’s fair in love and war :  in some situations any type of behaviour is acceptable to get what you want

Rita had to flatter her boss in order to get that big promotion. All's fair in love and war, right?

ii ) icing on the cake -​something extra and not essential that is added to an already good situation or experience and that makes it even better

Thanvi was delighted she was accepted to her new job, but having her best friend as her boss was just the icing on the cake.

iii) call the shots - to be the person who controls a situation

The Prime Minister tried his best to give the impression of being in control, but BBC revealed that the party president called all the shots. 

iv) chalk and cheese- if two people or things are like chalk and cheese or as different as chalk and cheese, they are completely different from each other

The two families are as different as chalk and cheese!

v) raining cats and dogs - to be raining heavily

We can't go out now because it's raining cats and dogs.

vi) breaking the ice - ​to say or do something that makes people feel more relaxed, especially at the beginning of a meeting, party, etc.

Jim organized a few party games to break the ice when people first arrived.

2. Fill in the blanks using the contracted forms of the verbs. One has been done for you.

a) shouldn't

b) They've

c) Let's 

d) didn't

e) couldn't 

f) Here's

g) I'd

h) aren't 

3. Fill in the blanks with the phrasal verbs given below. Change
the tense of the verbs wherever required.
(breakdown, find out, look for, go out, check out)

go out

broke down

look for

checked out 

found out 

1. Read this quote from Max Müller. There are errors in the text. Find out the errors and write the correct word in the space provided

i) was - were

ii) for - of

iii) on - over 

iv) find - found 

v) them - those 

vi ) pointed - point

vii) me - myself

viii) has - have 

ix) want - wanted 

x) most - more

2. Write a report on any one of the following — conservation of environment, plantation of trees, waste disposal, water harvesting, and the cleanliness drive under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan carried out in your locality.



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