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15 September 2020



Write a diary entry as Wanda describing your feelings clearly .



3 April , 1944                               11.00 pm

Dear Diary,
             I am extremely delighted to know that I have been selected the winner of Drawing competition held in my school . Since the beginning of my schooling, my friends have been teasing and bullying me because of my strange name and the remote place where I come from. The most disheartening question was “ Wanda….How many dresses do you have ?” People always have prejudices against others on the basis of social , economic ,racial and ethnic differences . 


They were of the view that a student who has a strange name and who comes from slum area will not be blessed with any natural endowments. Poor and slum dwellers are always treated inferior to rich city dwellers. I was bit hurt when they laughed at me but at the same time I was focused on my abilities. I was sharpening my potentials. The drawing competition was a great opportunity to prove that appearances are deceptive. I used all my skills and potentials to draw pictures of hundred dresses , each different in pattern and colour combination. Finally , the students who once humiliated me are filled with remorse and I earned their respect. Though my friends behaved rudely towards me , I don’t want to take revenge on them. I always love my friends every much.




1. Harriet had fought against slavery, helped her family and members of her community to free themselves from the clutches of the perpetrators of their suffering.

2. The title of the first book written on Harriet Tubman was ‘Harriet Tubman, The Moses of Her People’.It was written by Frederick Douglass.

3.Harriet's life had been hard, but dedicated to a cause . She had laboured in a private way and wrought in the night to free her community.
4. Frederick draws a comparison between Harriet's and his life saying that he has had the applause of the crowd and the satisfaction that comes of being approved by the multitude, while the most you have done witnessed by few trembling, scared, and footsore bondmen and women, whom you have led out of the house of bondage, and whose heartfelt God bless you has been your only reward.

5. (c) Harriet revolted as a slave and ran away from her master’s house and Frederick gave her shelter.
   (d) Frederick hid other slaves in his house whom Harriet had inspired to run away.

6. (d) Bondaged men and women had wounded and tired feet because they ran for days together to safe places from the house of their masters.


Stephan Hawking , the TV Star 

1. Stephen Hawking , the famed physicist, cosmologist and writer was born exactly three hundred years after the death of Galilio.

2. Albert Einstein

3. (c) Albert Einstein was the rival of Galileo and Stephen Hawking.

4. (c) ridiculous

5. Professor Hawking was said to be incredibly proficient at the art of the comedic pause because he mastered the tough art of timing comedy.
6. Stephen Hawking sang his all-time favourite  comedy legends Monty Python’s Galaxy Song.

7.Stephen Hawking’s singing of the song was described as an ‘unbelievable treat’ because he corrected the technicalities in the song’s words and numbers as he went along. It is an unbelievable treat, and these lyrics sound suitably profound when coming from the smartest human in the universe.

8.The author had shared a laugh with the genius Stephen Hawking  and got to be in the same orbit as him.

9.He believed in his saying that “Life would be tragic if it wasn’t funny”. He clearly enjoyed
not only observing the humour in the world, but also pointing it out

10.(c) He was unassuming and loved humour.

1. Match the words in list A with their meanings in list B.

a) Physicist - 
One who specialises in the branch of science which deals with the nature and  properties of matter and energy such as heat, light, etc.

b) Cosmologist - A scientist who studies the origin and nature of the universe

c) Proficient- Someone proficient and skilled in doing something

d) Genuine - One who is sincere, honest and truthful

2. Find one word substitutions for the following expressions

a) perpetrator

b) discrimination

c) multitude

d) bondage

e) confess

f) assure

3. Following are some expressions that reflect appreciation.

(a) Burst into applause

b) Stamp on the floor

c) Whopping

d) nailed it 

e) cracked it

f) steal the show 

g) great job

h) knock (one) off (one's) feet


comforting - comfort 

massively -  massive 

believable - believe

suitably - suitable

irrelevant - irrelevantly

likely -  likely

faces a  unique

dumped into the

body of ecological

can still  make

she will surely

you how the

you are at

in,  from hosting

- to be continued


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