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27 May 2020



Page -1

The following jackets of books look like jackets of science fiction books.
1. A Space Odyssey
2. Extra Terrestrial
3. The Blue Mass
4. The Black Spectacle
These names suggest the common characteristic
of science fiction books, ie, the fictional world. These include space travel, interplanetary warfare, extraterrestrial life forms..etc. The themes these books deal with are fictional but based on strong scientific background.

Pages -2,3 & 4

Read the passage given on page 2 & 3 then answer the questions that following

Text -1


  Self – driving Cars           Drones and Flying Cars

1. How will the self-driving cars or driver-less cars be safe ?

Answer: Self-driving cars or driver-less cars will be safe as those can communicate with each other to avoid accidents and traffic jams.
2. What do you understand by cars will communicate with each other ?
Answer: ‘Cars will communicate with each other’ means that all the information is shared among those cars  and also responds according to it to avoid accidents and traffic jams .
3. What are the advantages of self-driving cars ?
Answer: Self-driving cars reduced the need for parking and there would be more space for parks and sidewalks. These cars eliminate accidents and traffic jams and street signs are not needed.
4. What is the use of GPS ?
Answer: GPS means Global Positioning System. It is a navigation system which helps decide the position of a ground object.
5. What is a drone?
Answer:Drone is an unmanned flying object controlled by someone on the ground.
6. Which technology will be used in flying cars?
Answer: The same advanced technology used in drones will be used in flying cars.
7. How will the flying cars be more convenient than plane and helicopters?
Due to advances in materials, batteries and software, flying cars will be significantly more affordable and convenient than today’s planes and helicopters.

Text II

Page -5

Read the passage ‘HUMANOID ROBOT SOPHIA BACK IN INDIA’ and answer the questions that follow.

1. Who is Sophia and who is her creator?

Answer: Sophia is the world’s first humanoid robot created by American scientist David Hanson of Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong.
2.Why were the audience excited on the second day of the World Congress on Information Technology – 2018 ?
Answer: The audience were excited because Sophia, the worlds first humanoid robot gave witty answers to the rapid fire queries by Rajiv Makhni , Group Managing Editor Tech , NDTV .
3.The favourite tech person in Sophia’s life is ( Tick the correct answer)
(a) Shah Rukh Khan
(b) David Hanson✔️
(c) Bill Gates
(d) Mark Zuckerberg
4. What changes does the Humanoid robot want to see in the world?
Answer: The Humanoid robot would like people to develop a feeling of “love for all”
5. Which of the following statements regarding Sophia is true ?
(a) Sophia plans to kill the human race in near future.
(b) She can express her emotional feelings freely.
(c) Hong Kong is her favourite place. ✔️
(d) Sophia has a bank account.
6.What are David’s assertions as far as robots are concerned ?
Answer: David asserts robots would never be a thing of worry for the mankind . "They will be  friends. There should be mutual trust and respect between humans and robots"


(a) sorrowful
(b) strange
(c) probably
(d) nonchalantly
(e) flashing

2 .Compare Margie's school with yours

Margie's School                                                   
At her home , right next to her bed room
She has mechanical teacher
She studied alone.  There were no classmates
Lessons are shown on big screen
Conducted test after test
Wrote homework in a punch code and inserted in the  slot
Learning is  monotonous

Your School
Special building for schools
Teacher is man
Children of similar age studied same content
Used real books
Test is being evaluated manually
Children can help each other in doing home works
Learning  is enjoyable

3. Find the odd one out
(a) pleasure , misery, happiness , delight
 Ans: misery

(b) note, diary, book, copy
 Ans: book
(c) TV , computer,  mobile , scanner 
 Ans: scanner

(d)display , exhibit , appear , show
 Ans: appear

(e) scornful , contemptuous , mocking , diversity 

(g) illuminating , gladdening , pleasing ,gratifying
Ans: illuminating
4. Write the opposite of  the following words using the prefixes  'dis' 'un' 'mis' 'in'

(a) use - disuse
(b) agree - disagree

(c) engage - disengage

(d) understand - misunderstand

(e)  fold -  unfold

(f) spell - misspell

(g) connect - disconnect

(h) like - dislike

(i) visible - invisible

(j) predictable - unpredictable

5. Use suffixes to make the adjectives of following words.
(a) comfort - comfortable
(b) sun - sunny

(c) read - readable

(d) beauty - beautiful

(e) enjoy - enjoyable

(f) suit - suitable

(g) help - helpful

(h) use - useful / usable

(i) hazard - hazardous

(j) impress - impressive

Fill in the blanks with "if"  or  "unless"

(a) unless
(b) if
(c) If
(d) Unless
(e) if
(f) Unless

2. Join sentences using "unless" or "if "

(a) I would never keep a large dog unless I have enough time to exercise it properly.

(b) Sita would  have come first in class if she had not fallen ill.

(c) You must not dive unless you have been properly trained .

(d) Medical evidences suggests that people would enjoy better health if they did not consume  refined sugar.

(e) I might have got the job if I hadn't been late for the interview. 

(f) If you do not stop smoking, you will fall seriously ill.

(g) If you do not come now, I am going to leave without you

3. Put the adverbs at the appropriate place .

(a) Mr. Sharma died  suddenly as the family was getting ready to go for the wedding.

(b) My grandmother arrived early to avoid the traffic rush.

(c) The man thanked me profusely before he drove off. 

(d) The children clapped admiringly at the little girls extraordinary performance.

(e) The dog bit me hard when I was coming home from school.

(f) Fortunately , the police had several photographs of the suspect.

(g) Sunil left the room abruptly when he saw the bull coming in.


them I am.

week, I ………………………..teacher. I confided 

I ……………………to, but as I………….. 

home, ……………………   Five    

…………… ago, ………………… I 


We ………………………. other, and ……………………. spoke. I convinced 

…………. I should ………….. friend I am sorry. 

At ……………………… evening, I …………………. said, " I am sorry! "

 A …………………………….. friend, his ……………softened,

……………………………cry. He

Said , “ I………………………. say it.”

2.Rearrange the words to form meaningful sentences . Use appropriate punctuation  marks
(a) Every proverb is a wise saying .
(b) You can see me from there. / Can you see me from there ?
(c) They were happy to meet the visitor/Were they happy to meet the visitor ?
(d) Do not be impatient .


1. Morrie is a college professor   

2.Morrie developed his own culture by reading books , visiting his colleagues , keeping up with old students , writing to distant friends and looking at nature.

3.The name of the project that Morrie had started was Greenhouse. It was about providing mental health services for poor people.

4. Morrie created a cocoon of human activities - conversation , interaction and affection.

5.Subject of the class was 'meaning of life ' because the topics covered in the class were love , work , community , family ,aging , forgiveness and  death




ABC Public School
Delhi – 110002

01 May, 2020

The Chief Administrator
National Aeronautics  and Space Administration
Washington DC - 20546-0001 , USA

Subject : Concerns about the damage caused by debris in Space

Dear Sir/Madam,
 I would like to raise my concerns regarding the burning issue of unprecedented increase of debris in the space. Late twentieth century and early twenty-first century have witnessed an unhealthy space race among the developed and developing countries. Though the competition was started by the USA and former USSR , many countries joined in this competition. Of late , India also became prominent member of this group.

 The destruction that may cause by these freely moving space debris is unpredictable and beyond our imagination. More than 50,00000 pieces of debris or space junk that travel at 17,500 mph can damage satellite in the space. The debris can damage International Space Station and other space crafts with humans in it. Large quantities of space junk end up staying in various orbits around Earth, threatening satellites, as well as future missions beyond Earth's vicinity – to asteroids, the Moon and Mars. Enormous amount of money would be lost if that happens Much of the debris is so small that it cannot be tracked – this makes it more dangerous. Accidents have happened in the past and accidents will happen in future unless space debris is controlled effectively.

         I humbly request your esteemed organization and in particular your good office to look into this matter seriously and release advanced guidelines on how to use the space without polluting it. Space has to be preserved for the future generation too.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
Aditya  / Adhiti 


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