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30 April 2020


NCERT Textbook in English for CBSE Class 10
A Letter to God - G L Fuentes

 Oral Comprehension Check

1.What did Lencho hope for ?
लेंचो ने क्या उम्मीद की थी ?

Ans : Lencho hoped for water in the form of downpour or at least a shower for his field of ripe corn dotted with the flowers.
[ downpour :heavy rain ,मूसलाधार बारीश,ശക്‌തമായ മഴ / shower - light fall of rain ,बौछार, ചാറ്റൽ മഴ / ripe - full grown, तैयार,പാകമായ ]

2.Why did Lencho say the raindrops were like "new coins" ?
लेंचो ने क्यों कहा कि बारिश की बूंदें "नए सिक्के " की तरह थीं ?

Ans: Lencho compared raindrops with new coins because his crops were ready for harvest.Raindrops would have helped him in getting a better harvest, resulting in more prosperity.
[harvest : ready for cutting and gathering , अनाज काटने का समय, വിളവെടുക്കൽ / prosperity- a state of being successful in making money , समृद्धी,സമൃദ്ധി ]

3.How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho's field?
बारिश कैसे बदली ?लेंचो के क्षेत्र का क्या हुआ ?

Ans : The rain changed into a hailstorm. A strong wind began to blow and along with the rain very heavy hailstones began to fall. The hail rained on the house ,the garden, the hillside, the cornfield and on the whole valley.The field was white as if covered with salt.

[ hailstone- a small ball of ice that falls like rain , ऒला ,ആലിപ്പഴം ]

4.What were Lencho's feeling when the hail stopped ?
जब ओला रुक गया तो लेंचो की क्या भावना थी ?

Lencho's soul was filled with sadness when the rain had stopped.He stood in the middle of field and said to his sons that a plague of locust would have left more than that. The hail has left no corn and they would go hungry that year.This indicates an unpleasant and depressing future.
[ plague - a large number of animal/insects , പ്രാണികളുടെ കൂട്ടം ,प्राणियों का झुंड , कीड़ों का समूह ]

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